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Hair Transplant

There are multiple causes for excessive hair loss, the main ones are of hereditary or genetic origin, as well as hormonal influence due to testosterone.

Most of the time at follicular level, they act jointly thus altering its normal growing cycle initially manifesting as hair thinness and giving the aspect of lack of hair.

Said process is progressive (day after day). It usually starts at frontal level with big entries, then goes backward until it gets to all follicles with androgenic receptors, that is, at crown of the head, causing the advanced baldness.

There are many treatments announced at television, magazines and other media, causing great confusion and giving false hopes, as well as making you lose time and money. Undoubtedly, follicular micro transplant is the only treatment that guarantees permanent results.

» Understanding the procedure

It consists in taking hair from the follicle in zones of the head where it will stay for a lifetime and never drop (neck and side parts of the head). After, a highly specialized process of meticulous separation, and according to the plan designed these are placed one by one, in order to achieve a natural result.

The procedure is performed by a highly qualified medical team and personnel. They exclusively prepare the micro grafts using the world's highest technology equipments, such as tridimensional high power stereomicroscopes. Therefore any damage to hair structure is avoided, embracing the follicles by 30% more than with conventional techniques.

Are you a good candidate?

The best cadidates for hair transplant are those patients whose alopecia (hair loss) is definite, it means, when the boundaries of the baldness has been define and can be planned the new line of insertation (implantation). The proper age for the transplant starts from age 30 and on and its exceptionally before.

Another good candidate is that person that shows a proper quantity of hair on the back of the head (nape) or the sides of the head, since these are the areas where hair is extracted for the transplant. At last, the patient that is going to submit to a transplant must be in a perfect state of health or in control of any chronic disease that suffers.

Before and after photos

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Preparation / Anesthesia

The indications before the hair transplant will depend on the medical background that each patient has. However, the general recommendations are¬: suspending any form of tobacco for a minimum of 2 weeks, not taking aspirin or AINES for a minimum of 10 days.

Other essential requirements are blood tests which they should be inside the standard parameters of normalty.


The incision that is realized is on the back of the neck or the sides of the head, that can be perfectly covered with the hair. When the hair is implanted in the frontal region, little apertures (openings) are made, which they won’t leave any scars.


This procedure has a very low risk on presenting any complication. However, it is important to know that it can appear some reaction to the anesthesia, a little bleeding on the wound of the back of the head or the forehead as well as some infection.


Once the transplant has finished the patient goes home to rest and most of the time has minimum pain.

The patient should take analgesics, anti-inflamatories, and antibiotics to reduce to the maximum any pain or complication. Also, is suggested to excuse his/herself for 1 week as minimum since it might occur inflamation on the face.

The sutures will be removed in 2 weeks.


Most of the patients since the first day can perform all the activities at home with minimum or no pain.


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